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Goodbye Swiffer! March 29, 2010

Filed under: green living — raffydarko @ 3:26 pm
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I love Swiffer as the next person: it’s a great invention, it’s handy and easy to use, it catches all dust – and who doesn’t hate dust? But it’s disposable, anti-ecological then, and expensive.

I’ve been looking for a cheap alternative, so I was thrilled when in a forum I was given this idea: use pile cloths instead. “Pile”, as an English term used in Italian, indicates a soft textile made 100% of polyester, which is used for sport garments – the correct term should be polar fleece.

Well, being totally synthetic, this textile generates electrostatics, so it really works as well as Swiffer. And of course can be reused and reused after it’s washed. Check out my new colourful Swiffer-surrogates, made from an old scarf!


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