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Hello everybody March 29, 2010

Filed under: TCE — raffydarko @ 1:11 pm

This is the version 2.0 of a blog with the same name which was published on I’m reproposing the old posts before posting some new ones.

The blog is run by a struggling book editor named Raffaella living in Italy, more exactly in that green flat land in the North called Pianura Padana. This is my first attempt at writing a blog in a continuative way, in English moreover. The fact is, it’s now 2 years since I discovered the big world of “frugal blogs” and such: blogs about saving money, spending smartly – living on less, but also living well, making choices based on our personal priorities, smart choices, green choices also. A new way of facing the consumerist world we live in. I found it all fascinating and the ideas on the blogs I read start rubbing on me. I’ve never been careful about money before but somehow I felt I needed to. Too much unsatisfying shopping had left the mark, and I started to be a smart – at least, smarter – consumer, to educate myself and experiment. I remember when I realized it’d be wiser to buy store brand chips instead of the expensive ones… Er, yes, one has to begin somewhere.

So, as you can see, careful here has a double meaning. Hope you enjoy your visit!


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