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My beauty routine May 5, 2010

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Switching to natural cosmetics has deeply changed my consumption of beauty products. These are my current staples – organic products are in green. Most of them are made in Italy and can be bought on line – Lavera and Weleda on the other hand are German brands and can be found virtually everywhere.


  • Bjobj make-up remover and tonic all in 1 (very practical, and I use less cotton pads)
  • Bjobj cream for greasy skin (I don’t apply it every single night but the result is still good)
  • Bjobj eye contour cream


  • Tea Natura shampoo for greasy hair (I put some in a plastic cup and then dilute it – no need to use a lot)
  • Bjobj conditioner OR
  • Splend’or conditioner (very cheap – not labeled as “organic” but actually presents a good INCI. As I said in my previous post, always read labels!)

I haven’t used a hair-dryer in years – I just keep my hair wrapped up in a towel for an hour after shampooing and then let it dry in the hair. Also in winter, though of course I don’t go outside like this…)


  • Aleppo soap (a fantastic soap made of laurel and olive oils, makes skin soft, also does wonders for the problematic ones)
  • Cien intimate wash (again, a cheap product with a good INCI, available at German Lidl stores)
  • Weleda anti-cellulite oil
  • Bjobj sea water cream (for a more tonic skin)
  • Mineral deodorant, also known as alum crystal rock (which lasts ages) OR
  • a roll-on regular deodorant


  • waxing at the beauty parlour, THEN
  • regular retouches with Silk Epil at home (when hairs are still short and it doesn’t hurt much!)

tip: non-organic (silicone-based) lotions are said to stimulate hair growth. I don’t have proof for this, but I noticed that since I started using organic products, my hairs grow much more slowly…


  • foundation: mineral – I especially like the intensive f. by Everyday Mineral, which can be bought on line from the States
  • blush: mineral or by the Body Shop
  • eyepencils: Kiko, Rimmel, Urban Decay and others. Unfortunately I still haven’t found an organic eyepencil soft and pigmented enough
  • mascara: Lavera – very smooth and doesn’t clump

I love swapping April 5, 2010

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Swapping is the new shopping, they say. Oh yeah!

I found in a drawer a diary I had never used, they gave me a T-shirt for it. A body lotion was replaced by mineral foundation. In place of a book I got a DVD. These and many other swaps happened through two sites, and and cost me nothing – except those few euros needed to post my things.

The first is the best one: BigWardrobe (UK-based) was created for swapping exclusively and trades work as on eBay. You can contact a user to offer a swap, then make a formal offer for the item and after trade is completed (which means both parts have received their ends) you leave feedback. It’s free, though you can have your address verified (thus becoming a more trustworthy swapper) by the site admins, after paying a small sum through PayPal. Each user has a virtual notice board and can build a network by adding friends as on Facebook. Clothes and accessories are the most swapped items, but almost any kind of item can be found on the site. Oh, and one can choose to swap or sell or be open to both options.

MakeUpAlley (US-based) is great for finding cosmetic brands from other countries or trying new stuff without the guilt of spending money on it. Just don’t be fastidious about used m.u.: lipsticks can be cleaned, eyepencils sharpened and brushes washed. The downsize of the site is that it is about reviews and forum debates rather than swapping: users list their items, contact other users, make a private agreement, leave a token (feedback) and that’s all. Site admins don’t meddle in swaps, home addresses can’t be verified and anybody could leave tokens to anybody, even if no swap had ever occurred between the two parts. As a result, swaplifters (people who get items, especially from new users, and send nothing in return) abound. That said, I was swaplifted just once and my experience in general is very good. If I buy a product which I then find out is not right for me, I put it up for swap right away instead of hiding it in my drawer until it expires.

Thanks to swapping, I was able to find a new home for some nice things which I wasn’t using anymore, which made decluttering a more pleasant experience. I discovered my favourite mineral m.u. brand, Everyday Minerals, through a swap. I could try the fabulous eyepencils by¬†Urban Decay. I got organic skincare products, Abercrombie and Fitch tops, great books, nice shoes… And the best swappers also include some extras in their packets, be them cosmetic samples or teabags. I once swapped for a green eyepencil and I received *three* eyepencils in different shades of green! And yes, I love green eyepencils.