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Creamy and tasty risotto April 22, 2010

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While I was pondering what topics I could write about, a whole week and some more passed. I really am a woman of action.

Well, I thought at least I could share about my dinner from last night. I made risotto, which is a specialty here, in Lombardy – we live amidst fields and fields of rice. I was going to have “risotto con asparagi”, but I only have a small bunch of frozen asparagi left. So I decided they’d have just a supporting part, and instead I chose onion and Philadelphia cream cheese as the protagonists. It may sound weird, but those two things combined are amazing. Philadelphia corrects the sourness of onion, which in turn makes the dish tasty. The result is delicate and creamy. I even could have done without asparagi – or put something else instead of it (sausage or pancetta might be a nice touch.)

So, this is the recipe for 2 people: make some vegetable broth (readymade is fine) – chop one and a half onion and brown it in some olive oil (in a wok) – add rice (80/100 grams for person) and some hot broth – add asparagi or anything you like – stir regularly while adding broth, which gets absorbed by rice – after, say, 15 minutes also add 3 spoons of Philadelphia and stir – try the rice and when it’s almost cooked, just stop adding broth. Risotto is ready in roughly half an hour. Tasty, cheap (well, without asparagi at least) and healthy (and easy too). Enjoy!