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My beauty routine May 5, 2010

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Switching to natural cosmetics has deeply changed my consumption of beauty products. These are my current staples – organic products are in green. Most of them are made in Italy and can be bought on line – Lavera and Weleda on the other hand are German brands and can be found virtually everywhere.


  • Bjobj make-up remover and tonic all in 1 (very practical, and I use less cotton pads)
  • Bjobj cream for greasy skin (I don’t apply it every single night but the result is still good)
  • Bjobj eye contour cream


  • Tea Natura shampoo for greasy hair (I put some in a plastic cup and then dilute it – no need to use a lot)
  • Bjobj conditioner OR
  • Splend’or conditioner (very cheap – not labeled as “organic” but actually presents a good INCI. As I said in my previous post, always read labels!)

I haven’t used a hair-dryer in years – I just keep my hair wrapped up in a towel for an hour after shampooing and then let it dry in the hair. Also in winter, though of course I don’t go outside like this…)


  • Aleppo soap (a fantastic soap made of laurel and olive oils, makes skin soft, also does wonders for the problematic ones)
  • Cien intimate wash (again, a cheap product with a good INCI, available at German Lidl stores)
  • Weleda anti-cellulite oil
  • Bjobj sea water cream (for a more tonic skin)
  • Mineral deodorant, also known as alum crystal rock (which lasts ages) OR
  • a roll-on regular deodorant


  • waxing at the beauty parlour, THEN
  • regular retouches with Silk Epil at home (when hairs are still short and it doesn’t hurt much!)

tip: non-organic (silicone-based) lotions are said to stimulate hair growth. I don’t have proof for this, but I noticed that since I started using organic products, my hairs grow much more slowly…


  • foundation: mineral – I especially like the intensive f. by Everyday Mineral, which can be bought on line from the States
  • blush: mineral or by the Body Shop
  • eyepencils: Kiko, Rimmel, Urban Decay and others. Unfortunately I still haven’t found an organic eyepencil soft and pigmented enough
  • mascara: Lavera – very smooth and doesn’t clump